Aroma/Reiki Spring Equinox Celebration

Wednesday, March 21st from 7-9pm in the Arise Studio

Join Sandra Detwiller (Aromatherapist) and Melissa Davies (Reflexologist) for an evening of Spiritual Re-connection in preparation for the Spring Equinox. Together we will create a space for renewal, purpose and clarity as we move through Guided Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy.

Event Date: Wed., March 21st (7-9pm)
Location: #25-100 Kalamalka Lake Rd (in the Alpine Center)
Investment: $45 (Participants will receive custom Essential Oil Blend)

Space is limited to ensure that each guest will receive individual energy healing. Please Bring a Blanket & Pillow- Mats and Bolsters will be provided.

Contact Melissa Davies for more information at 778-212-0168

Reiki Level 2 Certification Course

Sunday, March 11th from 12pm to 5pm in the Arise Studio

Join Melissa Davies in this interactive workshop where you will have the opportunity to clear away negative and habitual thinking patterns. Learn how to conduct distance healing, and experience 3 Reiki symbols and their uses. Relax and enjoy a blissful chakra mediation and receive an energy opening Attunement.

Workshop Date: Sun. March 11th (12-5pm)
Location: Arise Yoga Studio (#25- 100 Kalamalka Lake Rd, Vernon BC)
Fee: $200 (includes Manual, Practice, Attunement, and a Level 2 Certificate)
Contact us to register-
Ph. 778-212-0168

Reiki Level 1 Certification Course – Feb. 25th

Sunday, Feb. 25th from 12 – 5pm in the Arise Studio

Join us to explore the mind/body benefits of Reiki therapy!

Your instructor Melissa Davies (Certified Reiki Master/Teacher) will guide you through an afternoon of exploring energy while you discover first-hand what Reiki can do for your health.

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn….

•Learn physical healing techniques and grounding exercises

•Discover the uses and benefits of Reiki

•Practice Reiki on yourself and others in a relaxing environment

•Enjoy a meditation and Attunement ceremony

Investment: $150 (includes a Reiki Level 1 manual and Certificate).

Call Melissa for more details- 778-212-0168

Transcendence Wing Chun Kung Fu Club

Friday evenings from 6-8pm at the Arise Studio

A semi-formal club for Wing Chun Kung Fu enthusiasts, students, and practitioners (for ages 10 years and older).

$20 drop-in fee, $65 per month, or $180 for 3 months.

“Wing Chun is not just a martial art, it is a way of thinking and being that directly changes how you deal with everyday life problems.”

Wing Chun is about both the intuitive and scientific understanding of the body and its role in combat. Originally developed by a buddhist Nun in ancient China, Wing Chun is designed to use the least amount of strength, time, and movement as possible in order to subdue an attacker of larger size. For this reason, Wing Chun compliments the insights found in Transcendence very well.

This is not a flashy martial art, but one of simplicity and practicality.

Rather than focusing on jumping, big swings, high kicks, or complicated movements, you will focus on the principles of economy (of strength and motion), sensitivity, and presence.

“All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.”

~Bruce Lee

Wing Chun can be used by practically anyone and has numerous benefits (in addition to self-defense), such as:

Reducing Stress
Increasing Focus
Relieving Anxiety
Improving Confidence
Heightened Clarity
Intuitive Understanding
Emotional Balance

Contact Ray (778-212-0069) or visit

Green Dragon Wing Chun Kung Fu

Starting Date: September 12th, 2017

Time: 7:00 to 8:30 every Tuesday and Thursday at Arise Yoga Studio

Cost: $100 per month

Registration limited to 16 students

Contact: Sifu Dr. Jerry Pyrozko ~ Email: ~ Cell: (780) 264-9614

You will learn the fundamentals of Wing Chun Kung Fu, which is known for its speed, power and efficiency of motion, and over time progress through the entire system. The classes are suitable for teens and adults, males and females of all fitness levels. You will gain an understanding of the kung fu movements taught and be able to use them for self-defense, while you improve your health and gain confidence in your daily life. Gain health, confidence, and self-defense.

Green Dragon Wing Chun Pic