The reasons to welcome yoga into our lives are endless. A regular practice can provide increased energy and vitality, more flexibility of the body and mind and the chance to shed what no longer serves us, physically and mentally. Whether we’re compelled to try yoga to heal our bodies or our spirits, yoga can be one of the richest experiences we ever receive. With yoga, we achieve greater awareness of every aspect of our lives. We become alive to the messages our bodies are sharing with us which can inspire us to make more loving choices for ourselves off and on the mat. Instead of living like a victim to the endless thoughts that besiege our daily lives, we see that we can learn from noticing and understanding the thought patterns we have that may hold us back. As yoga stretches and lengthens our bodies, it can expand our perspectives and our capacity for compassion and understanding for self and for others. Yoga is a gift to us and to everyone in our lives.

The teachers at Arise Yoga are passionate about sharing the many gifts of a regular yoga practice.

Our Yoga Teachers

Sue Cairns

Sue, with her husband and two sons relocated to Vernon from Edmonton in 2012 to fulfill a dream-to live in the Okanagan! Sue brings with her experience and a love for teaching yoga and fitness classes. She is known for creating an environment that is safe, welcoming and supportive.

Sue’s background is in education. She has bachelor’s degrees in Education and Physical Education and believes that as much as she is sometimes “teacher”, she is always “learner”. Sue has many years of experience in yoga and sport and feels that
through practicing yoga she is much more able to achieve a healthy overall balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. Finding the right balance is an on-going and ever-changing quest, as we all know! She has found that the self-awareness one uncovers through the regular practice of yoga, can lead to a deeper sense of confidence in knowing when to move, and when to be still; when to push limits, and when to back off.
Sue has completed a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification as recognized by the Yoga Alliance, and continues to seek out opportunities to improve and expand her ability to teach and explore the many benefits of yoga.

Alana Cheyne

Alana’s passion for yoga sprouted when she became a new Mom and experienced first-hand how a consistent practice could strengthen and open the body while reducing stress and anxiety. Her day-to-day life as a Mom, and as a being in this world, became imbued with greater joyfulness, awareness and patience. Hoping to share these gifts with others, she completed her yoga teacher training (RYT200) in 2013 with Dan Clement of Open Source Yoga. She invites you to experience the many joys of yoga in an inclusive, nurturing and positive environment.